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Charcoal Painting

7,000.00 3,500.00

Total Sessions 10 (20 Days) Learn different techniques of using charcoal and  this portrait session guide you through a step by step tutorial approach to draw a portrait with charcoal.   Material required: 

  • Charcoal Stick/Charcoal pencil
  • Cotton/earbuds , eraser
  • Cartridge sheet/sketchbook


What and how we will do in the course?

  • What materials we will use and why?
  • How to use a Grid method to draw your artwork?
  • How should we observe finest details from our reference?
  • How to execute those details to the artworks.
  • Techniques to control charcoal with different tools.
  • Start working together on artwork(landscape, portrait etc) so that you can observe execution of details accurately and do not missanything in sessions.
  • Everyday feedback on your work.
  • Finally an Individual doubt session for every student.
  • Your feedback and suggestions about this course and ArtographyStudio.Total Sessions: 10 Duration: 1 monthMode of Learning : LIVE sessions on Zoom Cloud Meeting / Google MeetTimings : Morning / Afternoon / Evening Batches.

    Weekend batches are also available.

    ● ESSENTIALS – Camille Charcoal stick, Charcoal

    pencil(soft), Cotton, earbuds, eraser, fixatives pray, carriage sheet.
    ● OPTIONAL – Blending stumps,Kneaded eraser or clay eraser.