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LOVE ART! But wanting to learn from your place. Then, welcome to the online art programmers of Artography Studio.

We’ve pulled together the best courses to help you to learn the fundamentals of drawing and art mediums to build your own art style.

With us you can master new art skills learning while at home. All you need is some time and dedication with passion for art.

Initially, we introduce the innovative approaches and techniques which deepens your understanding of art fundamentals.

With time, we encourage working independently to develop individual practice. Demonstrate your ability through self-initiated work.

There will be interactive guidance from the teachers that will help in resolving the problems that you meet in various stages of learning art mediums till the finished work.
Well-designed Practice and review sessions that will enable you to get exact feedback of the skills you need to improve your ability while learning the mediums So, find and pick your preference from the available.

Unleash your inner artist and find the right art courses for you. Consult our counseling team for more guidance.

Class Mode of Teaching: – Live Sessions

Platform: – Zoom Cloud Meeting Application / Google Meet

Online Professional Diploma Course


  • About Fine Art
  • Free Hand Sketching
  • Face & Body Proportion
  • Stick & Block Drawing
  • Line of Action
  • Life Drawing
  • Free Hand Drawing Technique
  • Negative & Positive Designs
  • Textures
  • Still Life Perspective 1 & 2 & 3
  • Vanishing Points
  • Eye Level
  • Importance of Basic Shape
  • Logic of Reflection
  • Light And Shade
  • Composition/Illustration
  • Landscape
  • Elements of Paintings
  • Live Portrait
  • Color Sense/Theory
  • Story Boarding
  • Drapery and Fold Study
  • Replica/Reproduction
  • Modern and Creative Art


  • Pencil Shading
  • Charcoal
  • Pen & Ink
  • Hatching
  • White On Black
  • Colour Pencils
  • Smoke Painting
  • Water Colour
  • Oil Colours
  • Acrylic Colours
  • Knife/Spatula Work
  • Marbling
  • Mix Media


  • Photography
  • Digital Art
  • 3D And Animation


  • Shilpkar
  • Glass Painting
  • Paper Mache
  • Decoupage
  • Mirror Work
  • Decorative Arts Like Pot Designs etc

Online Professional Diploma Course One Year 2020-2021.pdf



Enhancing Drawing skills in 1 month short term certificate courses.

Artography Studio


Learn basic human proportions, understanding of vanishing points, techniques of drawing free hand and many more. You can learn how to draw from beginning.

Artography Studio

Perspective Study

learn the creation of 3d texture on 2d surface. Explore the understanding that will give you a natural sense for using perspective in drawings.

Still Life

learn the ways to find geometric shapes in any complex form, understanding perspective, measuring shapes & objects to draw what you see with shading techniques in realistic lighting. 



Sharp your observation skills of toning and coloring in our 1 month short term certificate course.

Artography Studio

Water Color

Watercolor can allow you to achieve some true interesting and modern effects, and this course will teach you how to do just that!

Pencil Shading

Shading techniques with pencils, to create the illusion of space, form and light in a drawing takes your art to a higher level. shading art teaches you to create shadows to add depth to your subject.

Artography Studio

Charcoal Painting

Charcoal, a unique dry art medium which quickly expresses the emotions of the artist. Learn the fine techniques of charcoal with our fine experts.

Artography Studio


Landscape painting, drawing and sketches depict the beauty of our natural world. Discover ideas for how to paint landscape with different techniques.

Artography Studio


Learn to draw facial features from experts using easy techniques to make masterpieces with finest details.

Artography Studio

Acrylic color

Learn to create your ideas into a piece of satisfying and relaxing acrylic painting on canvas using step by step techniques. 

Artography Studio

OiL Pastels

Oil pastels- rich, bright and intermixable colours. This medium is smooth and easy to apply to make impressive artworks.

Soft Pastels

Learn the layers of colours and tones in ease with a wide array of shades for painterly effects in soft pastel courses.

Artography Studio

digital painting on Procreate app

Get ready to take your artwork to the next level using the procreate app on ipad. This course is a guide to  tools and techniques to use brushes, create layers, making artworks and much more.

Artography Studio

Oil Painting

learn the rich art and technique of oil paints. Your painting will allow you to create your story… All you need is expert instructions, guidance, practice and a vision to deliver it

Colour Pencil

Colored pencils, a versatile medium to create vibrant, realistic artwork. In this course we will be using techniques to create amazing textures and details method and tips for achieving the quality artworks.

Artography Studio

Water Colour Advance

Want to learn more about watercolor??
Watercolor, an art medium with many creative possibilities.
Learn the next level techniques in creating variety of textures in easy way to understand.

Artography Studio

AGE GROUP  5 – 7

Artography Studio

AGE GROUP  8 – 10

Total Sessions 10 ( 10 Days) Learn to draw facial features from experts using easy techniques.

Material required: 

  • consult with our expert
Artography Studio

AGE GROUP  11 – 13

Total Sessions 10 ( 10 Days) Learn to draw facial features from experts using easy techniques.

Material required: 

  • consult with our expert